Early Day Motion (EDM) – Democracy (EDM 1564: PRIVATE MEMBERS’ BILLS)


Mulholland, Greg raised an interesting point.

Subjects: Democracy; Parliament-UK; Regulation

That this House expresses concern that Private Members’ Bills are presented to the House on Fridays; notes that Friday is the day commonly used by hon. Members to visit their constituencies; notes the importance for hon. Members to have a day in their constituency to hold surgeries and attend local events; is concerned that Private Members’ Bills have often been unable to reach Committee Stage because less than 100 hon. Members were in attendance; notes that this was the case for the Sustainable Livestock Bill on 12 November 2010, where only 62 hon. Members were able to attend, despite 176 having stated their support for the Bill; and calls upon the Government to examine the protocols for the Second Reading of Private Members’ Bills, which unfairly discriminate against hon. Members who are active in their constituencies and thus hinder the passage of Private Members’ Bills.

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Published: 09/03/2011 09:00:00


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