Parliamentary Bill – Equality (Children (Access to Parents) Bill 2010-11)


Elphicke, Charlie raised an interesting point.

Subjects: Equality; Childcare; Family Courts; Justice; LocalGov; NRP Rights; Parenting; Parliament-UK

A Bill to require courts, local authorities and other bodies, when determining or enforcing issues of residence and contact, to operate under the presumption that the rights of a child include the right to grow up knowing and having access to and contact with both of the parents involved in the residence or contact case concerned, unless exceptional circumstances are demonstrated that such contact is not in the best interests of the child; to create an offence if a relevant body or person does not operate under or respect such a presumption; and for connected purposes

Comment by #wco: Let us all hope this is given the time to have a proper, thorough and objective debate leading to introduction of this bill.

Well done Charlie!

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Published: 29/03/2011 16:10:00

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