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#ge10 #ge2010 #election2010 Plethora of information ..


Draft Policies have been updated and we just love Twaiter !

Our main policies are now linkable, and tweets are sent out regularly so you can see what they are !  Simples.

If you want to view or link to them, just use this handy table

Policy Area Short Link
Government Restructure
Benefits and Social Cohesion
Community Relations
Jobs and Welfare
Pensions and Older People
Third Sector, Charities and Voluntary Organisations
Culture, Media and Sports
Foreign Affairs
Health & Social Care
Justice and Democracy
Local & Devolved Government
Climate Change and Energy
Countryside Management
Age, Civil & Criminal Responsibility Act
Corporation Tax
Value Added Tax
Sales (or Purchase) Tax
Inheritance Tax
Stamp Duty (on Property Purchases)
Changes to National Insurance
Education Funding Tax
Income Tax
Individual and Household Tax Allowances
Council Tax & Higher Earner Local Tax
Recreational Drugs Review
Boundary Reform

#ge2010 #election2010 FaceTwitter and TwitBook updates …


I spent some time updating lists on the Twitter account yesterday ..

I’ve tried to list the MP’s and political commentator Twitterers in Election2010 and the media in Publicity.  Carrying on with the theme … Prospective Parliamentary Candidates are in PPC-Other 🙂

At least the 3 main parties know about us now …


“Hi, just thought I’d share some of my ideas for the upcoming election. is where the suggested policies reside, with some ideas on Tax reform too.

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New domain and a WordPress blog too …


The domain now points to this site, and we’ll be setting up Google to manage email and hosting soon.

To make our message available to the most people, we created so search engines can find us more easily.  Using MS Live Writer, our posts will duplicated between all our services.

Third Chamber Blog and Website finished!


Both the general website and the weblog for the Third Chamber have now been finished.

The most recent update is the Geographical and Boundary Review

General Website:

Feel free to follow us, view the proposals and leave us your comments.

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