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Time for a “UK Healthcare & Benefits Card” ?


Way back before the 2010 Election, I put together a quite comprehensive platform of common sense policies.

One of these was to change the “ID Card” scheme to be a “Healthcare & Benefits Card” to allow proof of entitlement to benefits (ie every claimant to be issued with one) and for healthcare entitlement (ie everyone – apart from children – who are entitled to relief from healthcare costs like prescriptions and spectacles).

The concept is that the HBE Card would be the key to receiving these services and must be presented at the point of delivery.  Like a bank card it would be used each time a free prescription is collected or an approach for benefits help.

This has a number of key “good points”:

  • Removal of redundant and ghost data from local and central government lists
  • Data integration with local and central government data sets
  • Accurate delivery of services – no card: no free services !
  • A way to “upgrade” the card to a valid UK Identity Card at a later date

Pulse recently published a story asking GP’s to undertake an ID check of their patients ( ) where a card of this type would be so helpful …

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